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This great video shows how blood is pumped by your heart and circulates through your body.

Types of Blood Vessels
Different types of blood vessels throughout the body.

What's Flowing Through Your Veins
Here's a fun quiz to help you learn some facts about blood. "Do you know what's flowing through your veins?"

All About Blood
PBS video to teach children about blood.

Blood - Human Body Parts
Basic teaching animation.



Check out the Jokes! Team up with your child to send in your favorite jokes for possible publication.

Just Plain Weird

Some of the weirdest and wildest true facts about animals, people and places in the world. Click here!

Write On!

Write On!

Each week, Kid Scoop publishes a Weekly Writing Corner topic for students to respond to. Click here for our list of weekly topics. But you don't always have to write on one of our topics. If you love to write, you can write on the topic of your choice. Click here to write to us!



Puzzle Paradise

Maintain your brain with timely teasers from Vocabulary University!

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Here's a look at upcoming topics Kid Scoop will feature in the weeks ahead.

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