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Coral Reefs

Grow Your Own "Coral Reef"
Audience: Elementary school classrooms

SeaWorld Adventure Parks posted this simple activity in which students observe the growth of crystals that develop in a way similar to how coral polyps create their calcium carbonate cups. This inexpensive and simple project takes 3 days.

Coral is Alive!
Audience: Preschool to elementary school classrooms

If you have visited Hawaii, you know about the glorious coral reefs around the islands. This is a page for kids produced by the Northwestern Hawaiian Coral Island Reef Ecosystem Reserve.

Coral Life Printables
Audience: Elementary school classrooms

Enchanted Learning sites are easy to use, age-appropriate information and activities, and free of ads! This page is part of the Biomes-Habitats section of their website. Following an introduction to types of corals and how/where they grow, you'll find a very large collection of printable pictures of animals that live in/around the reefs; angel sharks, blue ring octopus, clown fish, jellyfish and more.

Outreach and Education
Audience: Teacher resource

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a coral reef conservation program that provides a wealth of outreach and educational materials. This is an extensive and authoritative site for you to explore.

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