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Iceberg Melting Experiment
Audience: Elementary school classrooms

“Since 1987, the goal of Robert Krampf's Science Education Company has been to make science fun and understandable… His free Experiment of the Week e-mail list distributes fun, hands-on science experiments to over 180,000 people each week.” Experiment #215 is Melting Icebergs. “What would happen if the global temperature rose enough for much of the polar ice caps to melt? All of that extra water would cause worldwide flooding, right? Lets investigate. You will need: a glass, water and ice cubes.” This activity looks fun and informative.

Glacier Experiment
Audience: Elementary school classrooms

Icebergs are formed when large chunks of ice break off of a glacier and fall into the sea. This link outlines a simple experiment to study the effects of a glacier’s movement on land. The lesson provides discussion questions for reflection or further study.

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