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Snowflake Links
Audience: Elementary Classrooms

In the early 1900s, Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley dedicated himself to photographing and writing about snowflakes. The best way to introduce him and his work to kids is with Jacqueline Briggs Martin’s “Snowflake Bentley,” winner of the Caldecott Award in 1999. This Web site is also a way to become familiar with Bentley and his work. Be sure to investigate the Snowflake Links, especially in which you learn how to take a close look at snowflakes.

Snowflake Science
Audience: All Ages

Thank you, Caltech! Snow is an amazing website about snow crystals and snowflakes what they are, where they come from, and just how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures are created, quite literally, out of thin air. If you want to see something amazing, look around their photo collection of ice crystals, the pictures are really beautiful.

Snowflake Patterns
Audience: All Ages

You may remember how to fold and cut paper to make “snowflakes.” Dave’s Snowflake Page takes that to the next step. His family has been making paper snowflakes and stars for 20 years to decorate their Christmas trees. Start with the snowflake patterns for kids and you’ll get hooked. Dave offers free sample patterns and hundreds more for a small fee.

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