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Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

American Indian Languages
Audience: All Ages

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial has produced one of my favorite sites on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Take a minute to look around this page about American Indian languages and their connection to the expedition. Explore the curriculum guide buttons to the left and click on the Activities & Kids button across the top.

Classroom Resources
Audience: Middle school classrooms

PBS created these lesson plans and activities as a multidisciplinary unit to accompany the four-hour television documentary, “Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.” It uses television and computers as learning tools in the subject areas of science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts. Although the lessons are written for middle level students, they contain suggested extensions and adaptations to facilitate their use with elementary and secondary students. Each lesson can be modified for conducting at home.

Teaching With Documents
Audience: Middle school classrooms

This is the National Archives’ “Teaching with Documents” site for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Here are 13 written and pictorial documents along with standards correlations, teaching activities and analysis worksheets. See your tax dollars at work helping educators and students with history lessons.

Lesson Plans
Audience: Teacher resource

The Lewis and Clark Expedition is more than history, it is adventure, discovery, science, mapping, wilderness travel, relations with the native Indians, and an American heroic saga. For classroom use there is social studies, natural history and ecology, Indian culture and history, literature and art. There are wonderful opportunities for students to learn research and presentation skills and to become involved in an exciting and romantic, yet true, tale from the earliest days of the United States. With the bicentennial of the Expedition approaching, teachers can involve their classes and even whole schools in this event. Be sure to explore the list of excellent links at the bottom of this page.

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